First-Class Fluid Sealing
Pump Seal: 

Non-Contact Mechanical Sealing

HSHRC1-Slag Slurry Pump Single-Face Seal

Application: Apply to contain grain, no external flushing and the operation condition of the cycle. Mainly used in power plant, the fuel gas desulfurization system of the purification of the device, also used in papermaking industry.
HPLD1-Pump Liquid Film Dual-Face Seal for Screw Pump

Application: All kinds of continuous operation of the centrifugal pump of screw pump, etc  High viscosity and high containing solid particles, easy, easy "of coked adhesive medium, such as paraffin wax, ketone benzene, butyl benzene latex, butadiene rubber latex, lime slurry, and other media.

Contact Mechanical Sealing

HS21-Pump Multiple-Spring Rotary Seal

Application:  Widely used in chemical, petrochemical and refining, pharmaceutical industry, suitable for corrosive and of particulate medium occasion.
Hs11-Pump Single Spring Rotary Seal

Application: Clear water pumps, sewage pumps, submerged pumps, chemical pumps, etc.
Design Feature:
Double sealing face, multiple-spring, balance type, sealing outer side pressure structure
Dynamic and static loop use high hardness, resistance wear, resistant corrosion materials
Narrow seal face, low friction coefficient, less particles into the seal face, long service life.
Container type structure and the overall installation accurate, convenient, knocked-down work are convenient.
The Quality match the American Standard API 682 and AP1614.

Other Sealings:  Kettle Seal, Compressor Seal, Blender Seal.... please email

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